Long, Beck Bennett and Brandon Riley on Kill Me Now

Back in 2003 A.D., Travis Long moved to Chicago armed with only a Panasonic DVX, a dream and a taser.  After toiling on the music video scene for the better part of a decade, One of his videos, "I Ain't Even On Yet" by GLC, got noticed by an L.A. music/film producer.  Initially this just meant more music videos out in L.A. but eventually it led to the producer bankrolling a "microbudget" feature film.  Microbudget in this case meant half the cast slept in the directors parents' basement.  Even though he had not directed a narrative-style film since high school, Long seized the opportunity and produced/directed the independent Horror/Comedy Kill Me Now, featuring SNL cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney.  Another thing "microbudget" means is there is no money at all for pre or post production so Travis had to learn how to do storyboards, location scouting, editing, foley, sound mixing, color correction, and visual effects.  He even designed the movie poster and with no music background, had to compose a workable horror movie score (mostly just stingers and simple off-key piano but a score nontheless).  


Having gotten a taste of the film industry, Long moved to expand his role, creating his own project from the ground up.  He started by teaming with lifelong friend Lenny Miller to write the comedy script B-Roll.  


The script immediately got legs, attracting interest from an Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director and a number of talented comedic actors.  


During principle photography, Long used his intimate knowledge of the script he had spent three years writing and his instincts for comedy, developed over 30 years of jackassery, to direct talented group of improv actors led by Kurt Braunohler, Josh Brener, Adam Herschman and Karan Soni.  Long let them expand the characters and add comedic elements to every scene while staying true to the backbone of the story.  This is another way of saying he let them use their improv skills for his own personal gain.  Long says "The actors are incredibly gifted comedically.  They take the script and add to it in countless ways.  In every scene they're making it funnier, but then I still get the writing credit.  Sometimes when I think about it I cackle maniacally for several consecutive minutes."


B-Roll is now in post production.

Long and Twista